Shape the future

Teaching and Research in Aerospace Engineering at Sapienza Using modeFRONTIER

30 September, 10:30 - 11:00 CEST

Since 2017, during the Bachelor and Master Degree courses in Aerospace Engineering at the University “La Sapienza'', we carry out teaching and research activities using modeFRONTIER in collaboration with ESTECO. These activities aim at introducing our students to the main concepts and technologies enabling computationally assisted optimal design.

This goal is achieved by a combination of frontal classes covering the mathematical foundations of optimization methods, hands-on team projects carried out during the semesters, individual and team Bachelor and Master theses, seminars, as well as research projects in an international environment.

The talk will review a number of typical outputs of the Bachelor and Master theses as well as some research activities involving modeFRONTIER features.

AUTHORS: M.Valorani, P.P. Ciottoli, R.Malpica Galassi