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Training 1: Introduction to modeFRONTIER 2020 - from Workflow Editor to Optimization Planner

30 September, 16:10 - 17:00 CEST

Training outline:

  • New paradigm in the definition of modeFRONTIER workflow
  • Definition of workflow domain and plan domain
  • New Planner environment
  • Definition of Autonomous DOE and autonomous optimization
  • Execution of multiple and advanced plans

In this training we illustrate the new concept about Workflow Editor and Planner which has been introduced in modeFRONTIER version 2020. The Workflow editor is fully separated by the Planner environment, and it is used just to set up the automation process, linking data files and input/output parameters to the process nodes.

All the settings about design variables, definition of bounds and domain, objectives and algorithms choice are performed through the new and user friendly Planner interface. Pre-defined scenarios, as well as specific modules dedicated to each aspect of the plan, are available to the user, which can set-up, execute and analyze multiple optimization or exploration plans in the same modeFRONTIER project. In addition, the Autonomous mode, both for DOE and Optimization, allows to automatically set up and execute any plan, without any specific knowledge required to the user about number of design evaluations or algorithms settings.

Theoretical details and a live demo will be illustrated in the training.