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Training 2: Robust Design Optimization with modeFRONTIER 2020

30 September, 17:00 - 17:50 CEST

Training outline:

  • Definition of uncertainties in industrial practice
  • Robust Design Optimization, Reliability-based Optimization and Quality Engineering
  • Guidelines and examples from industry
  • Live demo

In this training we illustrate the new environment for Robust Design Optimization which has been introduced in modeFRONTIER version 2020. Design under Uncertainties is becoming more and more important in industrial practice, but its application is sometimes limited, requiring a strong theoretical background.

To overcome this limit, the new version 2020 of modeFRONTIER includes a brand new interface to deal with any Robust design optimization problems, with pre-defined scenarios included in the Planner environment, which guide the user step-by-step in the definition and execution of the optimization problem.

In this training, after an overview of the main methodologies to deal with Design under Uncertainties, including the new introduced Quality Engineering methodology by Taguchi, an effective guideline is given to the participants, to set up step by step and solve efficiently any optimization problem under uncertainties. Industrial examples and hands-on demo will be illustrated in the training.